Introduction to YSTR x Reeontherun


Although numerous of the fabulous YSTR followers have “met” me in the last few vids, allow me to formerly intro myself. Hi, guys, my name is Maria, most commonly known as Reeontherun. *Exhales* Thank god that’s over.

Below you’ll find my FuLL credentials that elaborately explain why I’m beyond qualified to be your new bestie and style guru.

Srsly cannot wait for this FAB adventure together and for you all to start living your best lives with me!




Who is Ree?

Ree moved to LA and thrown into wardrobe styling by Johnny Wujek (Katy Perry’s stylist) as a cutie intern at the young age of twenty. Fast forward years later and we now have 24-year-old bargain hunter with a bad attitude who’s currently thrivin’ as a wardrobe stylist by day and a personality vlogger by night. Although she’s a Midwest girl at heart she’s definitely been livin’ her best life here in Los Angeles and wherever else the wind takes her…literally, her need for travel is mad reeal.

There’s never a day this chick lives without happy dancing and Beyoncé singing in her room, entertaining you on social media, or giving all her money away to Pressed Juicery buying Freezes (truth).


Okay Cool. But how does she even know YSTR?

“She doesn’t even go here!!”

Actually, she so does go here! Funny enough, she was an intern for a hot second at a previous endeavor of Garrett and April’s, YSTR’s founder and co-founder, but wasn’t around long enough to work with them consistently. Now things are coming full circle a few years later!

This time Ree was put in contact with Garett and April again to see what they could create. Since YSTR and Reeontherun share similar overall goals in the world of fashion, it was a match made in heaven!! Over the last month, Ree has partnered up with the team to curate fun content that fits the average conscious consumer’s needs. In doing so, our purpose together is to keep you all thinking, laughing, loving, and inspiring on a daily basis. Not only is Reeontherun a style guru who keeps her audience in check to ree-cycle what already lives in their closets, but she also aims to inspire them to evolve in other areas of their lives outside of fashion.

Check out our latest video to see how we’re kicking off our collaboration with Reeontherun!


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