Friends of YSTR: Jannelle // Stylist

This month, we teamed up with our girl Jannelle Hill, a Los Angeles-based wardrobe stylist to document her interpretation of this month’s YSTR Club Capsule and give a little insight as to how we can take these special pieces from day to night.


YSTR: What influenced you to become a stylist?

Jannelle: I always knew I wanted to be in fashion somewhere so I found a PR internship for a jean company and realized I hated the writing part but loved when it was time to style the lookbooks and so I decided that I was just going to be specific and chase only this styling thing.

YSTR: What do you love about styling?

J: How people feel in the look. I love when people are just feeling themselves and the persona they take on in the outfit

YSTR: What projects are you currently working on?

J: I am currently working in the costume dept for a show called Insecure on HBO set to air July 23rd. I’m also still trying to style a few music videos here and there when I can. I love working with upcoming artists in the game. That’s really where my heart is.


YSTR: Where do you draw your styling inspiration from?

J: I’m online a lot. Pinterest, Insta. My screenshot album is endless and shout out to IG for that new saved collections option.

YSTR: On a scale of 1 – 10, how excited are you about life?

J: I’m pretty 5 neutral right now. I’m so overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude about where I’m going and where I’m at right now, but feeling bittersweet about some things that are finally getting left behind, and the walk to the next destinations are kinda lonely when I can catch a breath and look around.

J: YSTR: Where do you shop to find unique pieces

Flea market on Fairfax, Squaresville, and I search for lots of random brands in Tokyo like Somewhere Nowhere.

J: YSTR: How would you style this months’ YSTR club capsule from day to night?

I think a major differentiation for me would be shoes. I would probably rock an ankle boot or sandal in the day and go hard or go home with thigh highs in the night.


Your wardrobe is about to get a little more ethical.
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